VG 110 Nano PLC

VG 110 Nano PLC is next Generation PLC Its highly customizable PLC and can be used in wide range automation practically any type of customizations automation according to your need. It can be either Bottle filling plant, Single Wagon plating plant, milling machines, etc etc...Use it the way you want...Very Easy programming method using just simple BASIC language to program it according to your needs. PC interface via USB and get Data logging and remote controlling via PC sitting in your cabin meters away...Size of this PLC is as Small as 96*96*96 and that it can be easily mounted over wagon directly...

  • Hardware Description
    1. 16 Characters 2 Line Alphanumeric LCD(Optional).
    2. 8 Programmable Keys(Optional).
    3. 2 Serial Interface(Optional).
    4. Real Time Calendar(Optional).
    5. Battery Backup(Optional).
    6. Maximum 40 IOs
  • Programmable
    1. Digital Inputs (Maximum 40).
    2. Digital Outputs (Maximum 40).
    3. Analog Inputs (Maximum 8).
    4. Analog Outputs (Maximum 4).
  • Configure
  • Placeholder image

    Select from Controller Type On Top.
    • Set all Left Side Following Data.
      • Set for Number Of Input
      • Set for Number Of Output
      • Set for Number Of AnalogIn
      • Set for Number Of AnalogOut
      • Set if Display selected or Pwm selected.
      • Display is 16 Character 2 Line Alphanumeric self scan
      • Liquid crystal Display with Back Light.
    • Set all on Right Side following Data.
      • Select Group Number, to connect parallel controllers.
      • Set Controller Id(Identification Number).
      • Set ModuleFile for required files.
      • Set ProcedureFile for required files.
  • To configure Click Configure Else Click X on Top R.H.S
  • Very Easy to configure...

**Coming Soon VG 112 with 256 I/O's...

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