VG Allen and Bradely PLC MicroLogix 1200 Controllers

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Programmable Logic Controllers

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1762 MicroLogix 1200 Controllers

      The MicroLogix 1200 is filled with features and options designed to handle extensive range of applications.

      Available in 24 and 40-point versions, the I/O count can be expanded using rackless I/O modules. This results in larger control systems, greater application flexibility and expandability at a lower cost and reduced parts inventory.

      A field-upgradeable flash operating system ensures you will always be up-to-date with the latest features, without having to replace hardware. The controller can be easily updated with the latest firmware via a web site download.

MicroLogix 1200R Controllers

The MicroLogix 1200R controller has the following additional functionality and benefits.

  • Programming/Human Machine Interface (HMI) port in addition to the Channel 0 port — provides an inexpensive means of providing an extra port that can be used for programming using a personal computer with Rockwell Software RSLogix 500 software, or connecting an operator interface device to your controller
  • Reduced system cost — enables users to directly connect a local HMI, allowing the other port to be used for networking, modem connection, programming and other devices
  • Requires no configuration — DF1 Full Duplex port that has the same parameters as Channel 0 when it is in its "Default Comms" configuration
  • Respond Only — Messaging is not available; it communicates by responding to communications initiated from the device attached to it

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