VG RF Remote Controlled Switch: VG RL-42

     You are Watching on India's First remote switch controlling 4 Light and 2 Fan's or use Dimmer instead of Fan's. This is Made In India with Indian Guarantee for 1 Year! Sold directly by manufacturer!
     Yes you read it right its Guarantee not warranty it means anything goes wrong you get brand new unit for your replacement for your old product!*
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     This is the First Indian Remote Switch Product made in India for Indian use With 1 year Guarantee. You can remote use 4 Lights and 2 Fan or use a fan and dimmer or 2 dimmers with 7 Step.
     When you have remote for TV AC Home theatre System,etc etc why not start with remote for your Lights and FANS! Now no need to disturb your loved ones in night to get in Mid night turn FAN slow or Fast due to temperature change! Now your elder parents need not call you and harass you to come and trun Light ON/OFF or change FAN speed! Gift your loved ones with this unique product you and welcome them to to new era of digital technology!
     This product is first in India which works on remote wireless technology that can work even though walls unlike TV or AC where you need to have line of sight with receiver panel. Here you can work even if there wall unit panel is not even in Line of sight like you can turn the light On/OFF for you Bedroom even if you are sitting in Hall or other room!
     This Product has buttons(both Wall and Remote) with are made of Glowing phosphorus material (commonly know as Radium as seen in watches) which glows in Night So you can know where is your remote or wall unit to operate in Night even with all lights OFF!


     This Product can work upto 4 Lights and 2 Fans! Wiring is So simple even any normal person can do and needs no Special Electricians to do the wiring since it needs only 8 Wires need to be connected Unlike heavy mess you see in other switch boards!

Operating Voltage:

  • 200-250VAC - 50Hz
  • Max AMP is 6A per Load for light!
  • Max 1Amp for FAN or Dimmer!


      The best feature of this product is that you don't need to point the remote at receiver unit to turn Light ON/OFF or FAN ON/OFF or reduce or increase speed! This Product is first in India in which remote works even through any obstacles where it be cabin or person or even through walls! It has range upto 15 Feets but works max upto 50 Feets* It also give power saving feature for fan upto 50% or more depending on your fan speed! Button are made of phosphorus rubber material to glow in dark for easy of use in Dark!
      You can use this product in bed room / Hall / Kitchen / Living Room / Study Room, etc! You can also use in Commercial Places like Office Cabins, etc!

What's in Included in the Box:

  • Wall Unit with its modular Plate with 2 screws for mounting
  • Remote Unit with its stand
  • 12V 23A Battery installed in remote!

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