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Engine Safety Unit - ESU for Diesel Genesets...


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Engine Safety Unit - ESU for Diesel Genesets...

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  • Features:-
    • 4 fault inputs.
    • Fuse fail indication.
    • Built in Charge lamp.
    • LOP bypass timer.
    • Stop timer for ES type solenoid.
  • Specifications:-
    • Supply: 8 - 30 VDC.
    • Relay contact: 70 Amp max.
    • Size: 72*72*20.
  • Six lamp Engine Safety Unit with 70 Amps relay:-
    • Small size: DIN standard panel mounted box of 72 X 72 X 20 mm, mounted by side clamps. The cut out size is 66 X 66 mm. The panel should have a depth of 66 mm.
    • Rugged construction: The unit is electrically and mechanically rugged and can work continuously in the harsh environment.
    • Universal power supply: The unit can operate off 10 – 30 VDC supply, this can be used for 12 V as well as 24 V engines.
    • External safety switch trip: Conditions like low oil pressure, high coolant Temperature, Low fuel level, emergency stop and the fault to be Latched on the LED lamps. Hooter on for 40 sec. When the fault occurs.
    • -Ve potential will be available at the ‘HT’ terminal when a trip occures. This can be
      Used to drive an external hooter. Then will reset automatically after 30 secs. Stop timer: The engine is stopped by operating an “energized to stop” type solenoid. A timer is provided to prevent continuous operation. This timer operates when the key switch is operated.
    • Start up timers: Timers are provided to bypass the Oil Pressure at start up so as to Allow the engine to start properly.
    • Relay contact: The unit has a 70 Amp contact that can directly drive a stop solenoid without external components like 4ST relays.
    • Fuse: The unit has been provided with a field replaceable fuse link to safeguard all parts of the electrical system against overloads and short circuits. The internal circuit of the unit is strengthened to sustain heavy currents without damage, before the fuse link opens.
    • Current source: The unit provides excitation current to energize the field coil of the charging alternator at startup.
    • Housekeeping function: LED indicator for open fuse condition.
    • Options: ESU with ‘”Energized to Run” type of logic is possible. Here the stop solenoid remains energized when the engine is running. The solenoid is switched off when the key is switched off or when a fault occurs.
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