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     Hi! and welcome to VG Soni-tech. VG Soni-Tech is one of the few automation company which is certified for ISO 9001-2008. VG Soni-Tech is place where you can find complete range of Industrial automation, Home Automation products,Instruments and Diesel Gensets instruments and your search finally ends here. We are specialist in creating PLC and industrials instruments like Temperature controllers, Rectifier controllers,Ph and Rh meters,etc...We also Specialist in Developing DG Instruments like ESU,RPM/Hour,VIF,etc. Our Latest speciality is now in redefining Home automation for remote Lighting Switching and Digital buttons replaciong traditional Tap -Top button with Digital Buttons. We are Specialist in also developing any kind of customise Electronic instruments according to your needs in matter of days and thus your search finally ends here. VG Soni-Tech is a premier provider of Software and Hardware solutions and specializes in providing services in the areas of automation, instruments. Its consulting practices service offering automation plants designing and other hardware instruments. Founded in 1982, the Company Group is recognized as one of India's leading Information Technology and automation programming services.

     Under the able guidance of the Founder and Chairman, Mr. Vasant Gohil, widely acknowledged as the founder of the Indian automation industry, the company has been growing at a fast pace. Company is now going to be one of the few publicly listed BPO companies and its shares will be traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India very soon.

     VG Soni-Tech is one of the few automation company which is already certified for ISO 9001-2008 and is going to be certified for BS-7799 standard for Automation Products, and its consulting services practice in CMM Level 5 to be certified by the Software Engineering Institute. These certifications reinforce our commitment to Quality of Client Content. Company has been providing automation solutions for over 26 years with our approach to this business is through a dual emphasis on ‘Skill’ and ‘Scale’. Skill denotes the technical and managerial competency in a specific domain. Scale reflects the ability to create a high volume world class processing capability. The effectiveness and efficiency in providing automation software solutions and security services are largely dependent on managing the entire process using a well-defined workflow involving all the participants of the value chain, including even the vendors/suppliers as well as customers of the enterprise.

     VG Soni-Tech believes that its capabilities and expertise in the areas of automation and instrumentation.VG Soni-Tech strives to provide quantum operational efficiencies through ongoing process improvements leading to additional cost advantages for the Customer.




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